Recommended Shopping Carts and Website Building Tools

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions  
If you need to create a website or add a shopping cart to your existing site, Newtek offers a number of useful free tools in the Control Center. To access Sitecenter, Zencart or the automatic DNN installer (if applicable), login into the Control Center at and click on Resources (ZenCart will be listed under Ecommerce).

Shopping Carts

Newtek Shopping Cart

The perfect choice for anyone looking to sell products online, from the beginner to hardened veteran! As one of the most fully-featured, yet extremely easy-to-use shopping carts around, the Newtek Shopping Cart is available for immediate and automated installation from within the WebControlCenter. Simply provide a few pieces of information (such as an administrative username and password) and your cart will be installed and ready to use in minutes.

To install, just navigate to the Ecommerce menu item, then go to Shopping Carts -- Newtek Cart and get started today. For a more detailed overview, see Knowledge Base article #701.
Click here to access our Newtek Cart live demo. Use "demo" as the username & password.

If you are looking to add Ecommerce options to your existing site, most of our plans include Zencart, a robust, yet easy-to-use, shopping cart. With its numerous useful features and options, you can use the PHP-based Zencart to provide your customers the ultimate online shopping experience.

Website Building Tools

All of our hosting plans include Sitecenter, an easy-to-use online website builder. With helpful tools and multiple professionally-designed templates, you can completely build a new site from scratch and get it online in minutes.

ASP.NET Intermediate plans and above have access to an automatic install of DotNetNuke, a web application framework which can be used to easily create, manage and publish websites, blogs, forums, etc. regardless of technical skill level.
  • WebControlCenter Users: Use the Customer Login to the Control Center and first add a SQL database from Database Admin. Next, to access the installation feature, from the menu item Resources, click on DotNetNuke Install. Next select if the portal will run in the root of the site or in a sub-folder. If you select Root, then the portal will load when someone visits the domain name or IP address. If you select sub-folder, you will need to link to the folder in a URL to get to the first page of the portal (, select the version number that you would like to use. We recommend the newest version in order to take advantage of all of the benefits and features that DNN has to offer. And last, click on the link to finish the installation.
  • Plesk Users: Login to the Newtek Client Portal go to Services and click on My Services. Click the View Details button for your Plesk Hosting Plan. On the Information page, click the Open ControlPanel button to access Plesk. Once in Plesk, click the Applications Tab and select the All Available Applications link from the left column. Type DotNetNuke in the Application search field and click the search button. Click Install to begin your installation of DotNetNuke

More information about DotNetNuke is available at,

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