I created my site using Visual Web Developer. How do I publish it to my site?

Once your site has completed local development and you are ready to upload the site to the live web server, follow the below instructions to complete the move.

1) Open the current project you would like to publish to your web space.
2) Go to the "Website" menu and select "Copy Site".
3) Select the "Connect" button along the top of the screen.
4) A separate screen should appear on the left side of this screen. From this screen select "FTP Site".
5) To connect to the root of your website use the following information:

Server: www.yourdomain.com or IP address for your site.
Port: 21
Directory: Leave this blank, the server will automatically detect this

6) Check the "Passive Mode" box, and uncheck "Anonymous Login" and fill out the user name and password using the specific FTP account user name and password for the site.

Once you are connected, select the files located in the Source Web site and click the "Copy Files" button to complete the upload.

This is compliant with .NET 2.0

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