How do I make live changes to my site using Microsoft Visual Studio?

To make live changes to your current site using Microsoft Visual Studio simply do the following:

1. Open the application
2. Select "File" from the top tool bar and click "Open Web Site".
3. A separate screen should appear on the left side of this screen. From that screen select "FTP Site" and use the following information to make the connection to your site:

Server: or IP address for your site.
Port: 21
Directory: Leave this blank, the server will automatically detect this

4. Check the "Passive Mode" box, and uncheck "Anonymous Login".
5. Fill out the user name and password using the FTP user name and password you created for your site upon ordering it.
6. Click "Open" and make your changes. When saving changes they will take effect immediately.

This is compliant with .NET 2.0

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