Bulk email guidelines

Bulk Email Guidelines

To ensure bulk emails are sent in a timely matter, and that all shared mail servers receive the highest levels of performance, we ask that you adhere to the following bulk email guidelines.

  • Only send bulk emails during off peak hours. Off peak hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM Arizona time (-7 GMT), and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Be sure to provide a valid from or return address so that all bounced messages have a place to be sent.
  • Mass emails sent using shared mail servers are throttled to deliver only 800 messages (per domain) and only receive 20 bounced emails an hour. If you need to send a higher amount of emails per hour, consider using a VPS or dedicated server to sent out your bulk mailings.
Please Note: Large amounts of emails sent through a shared mail server during peak hours may be removed if found to cause performance loss of the mail server and delays of standard email.

Best Practices and Guidelines

  • Send email only to users who specifically requested to receive it from you. It is not advisable to purchase mailings lists or automatically subscribe users by utilizing an opt-in checkbox that is already checked on your website.
  • Utilize a double/confirmed opt-in process. If a user subscribes to your mailing list, send them an email that requests that they click a link to confirm their opt-in. This will reduce the number of bounced emails and spam complaints you could receive.
  • When visitors to your website subscribe to your newsletter, set clear expectations. Explain what you will send to your subscribers and how often they will receive your emails.
Address Book/From Address
  • Send your bulk emails from a consistent email address and advise your users to add it to their address books.
  • Make sure your 'From' address clearly identities who the email is from.
  • Consider including your company name in the subject line so your subscribers can recognize who the email is from fairly quickly.
  • Use subject lines like, "Your Weekly Newsletter from 'X' Company" or "Your Monthly 'X Product' Update" so your subscribers know it is an email that they want to receive. Users may report your email as spam with subject lines that contain "Buy Two, Get the 3rd for Free" or "Weekly Online Specials" without a mention of your company name and/or product.
  • Provide a visible and unsubscribe process in every one of your sent bulk emails. Do not make it difficult for your users to unsubscribe from your newsletter/mailing list.
  • Your users should not need to login to your website to complete the unsubscribe process.
  • Process unsubscribes from your users as soon as possible or within a timely basis.
For more Sender Best Practices, read the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group's Sender Best Communications Practices, Version 2.0.

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