What is the difference between a shared plan and a dedicated server?

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When it comes to web hosting, there are two kinds of solutions available, shared and dedicated. These two solutions are very different from each other. A shared plan is considered much easier to maintain because you only have to develop and update the content of the website itself. The dedicated server requires some system admin knowledge and server management maintenance. Read the following descriptions carefully to determine which may be better for you.

Shared Plan

With a shared plan, space is acquired or rented within a web server, email server, DNS server and in some cases, a database server. These main components are integrated and accessible through the Control Center. The server itself is managed by CrystalTech. This includes the operating system, hard drive maintenance, server side antivirus, software security, software patches and updates, hardware and software upgrades, monitoring, optimization and improvements.

A shared plan is the easiest type of plan to have because the only thing that needs to be maintained by the user is the content itself.

Content for the website, email and in some cases the database can all be easily managed from work or home. A shared plan requires little or no experience with a Windows server or server management. This is the most common way to host a website and email on the Internet.

Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server plan, the whole server is acquired or rented within the network. The server hardware is managed by CrystalTech, but the content saved onto the hard drive and the day-to-day management of the server is handled the customer. By default, this includes hard drive maintenance, server side antivirus, software security, patches and updates, monitoring, optimization and improvements. When it comes time to upgrade server hardware, a new dedicated server plan should be purchased for use. Plan out usage needed for the hardware for at least the following year so that moving to a newer server can be as infrequent as possible.

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