What is the difference between my development machine and your production servers?

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There are many advantages to developing a website or web driven application in a local environment. The developer has immediate access to controls and configurations that your site depends on for highly advanced operations and transactions. This in turn creates a highly productive environment for rapid development of highly sophisticated web driven applications.

Unexpected results may occur in your application once deployed to the production environment. These issues may pertain to specific resources you may have allocated to your web application such as using a non production database environment, i.e. Microsoft Access. To read more about the limitations of using Access in a production environment, please refer to Knowledge Base article 179.

1. File locations may vary for your websites files. Refer to the Control Center if you are unsure of your websites absolute path on the production web server. This can be located by going to the Site Menu then Site Overview. To inquire about third party product that are installed and their locations on the web server please contact support.


Default IIS website locations:

Shared site location:

Issues may also occur with syntax usage and relation to server locations with various language specific variables. Please refer to the provider’s documentation for proper utilization of file location variables in relation to web applications.

Language specific syntax documentation by provider:
Cold Fusion

2. You have control over the IIS configuration from the point of installation. This means you may be able to have more control over portions of your site that you will not have access to in a shared web environment. Common examples of this may include ISAPI filters used for custom components, host headers for website expandability, MIME Types, and custom permissions. There are several other common tasks that may require the assistance of our support team to accomplish for your web application to function properly in the production environment.

3. In a development environment you are more often than not an administrator of the server and therefore will be granted privileged access to sensitive file locations. The Control Center has been designed to allow you to have control of many portions of your website files and site configuration, however most sensitive areas with configurations files for various applications installed on the web server will be denied access. This goes for third party products that may have different configuration files for personalized modification such as PHP, Perl, and Cold Fusion.

4. Access to your production DBMS or Database Management System will be limited due to security configurations in place on the shared server. Access to the database server itself is limited and virtually unattainable without the utilization of third party products. Common tasks that you may experience operational issues with may include backups and restores to execution of store procedures accessing master configuration files for ownership changes.

If you have questions pertaining to any of the above mentioned information, please contact support@newtektechnologyservices.com at anytime.

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