There are different types of logins that are used to manage different systems. Below are the names and descriptions for these logins. Most logins can be changed at the Control Center by logging into the WebControlCenter Domain Level Login. Click the description titles to learn more about each.
The Domain Login is a limited account that can be used by the lead developer of the website, single domain administrator or a client of a reseller. It provides access to only one domain and will not show the Customer menu or other sites hosted on that Customer ID.

These accounts are used to upload and download files to your site. The first FTP account was made with the information included in the order. Add or remove FTP accounts as you see fit.

MS or MySQL Database and User (Not included in some plans)
This account is used to manage a SQL Database. Create up to three users when adding the database. To change a password or to add additional users to an existing database, contact the host. Changing the password on this login may require removing and re-ading the datasource so that it has the correct password or updating the connection string inside of the web page/s that connects to the database.

Primary Admin for SmarterMail
This login is and email address that is used to mange all email addresses, domain spam and content filters, and email aliases. The Primary Admin permission can only be changed by the host.

Primary Admin for SmarterStatistic
SmarterStats is a statistical program that has the ability to show hits, visits and views in different reporting formats. You can log into this system from the WebControlCenter. Click menu item STATISTICS, then SMARTERSTATS PROFESSIONAL, LOGIN AS ADMIN. You can also create end user for direct access to your sites stats.

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