How Do I Use the Site Restore Tool Inside the Control Center?

Use of the Site Restore tool inside the Control Center gives you the ability to restore from the most recent backup anything within the root of your site, from individual files to entire subfolders, and even the entire site. There is an additional charge for completing a restore request.

To use this tool, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Log in to the Control Center using your Customer ID and password.

  2. Using the tree menu at the left, expand the Site node, and click on Site Restore.

  3. You are presented with a screen that displays a drop down box with a list of dates and times. These are the most recent backups of your entire website folder listed from oldest to newest.

  4. Select the day and time of the backup you want to restore from, and click “Next”.

  5. You are now presented with a tree menu that displays what, exactly, was backed up on the date and time you selected from the previous screen.

  6. From the files and folders listed, select what you want to have restored to the root of your existing website. If you want disparate items restored (i.e. one or two files and one sub folder) you will need to do multiple restores as only individual files or folders can be restored at any one time.

  7. Please note that if you select a folder to be restored, everything within that folder is restored. Therefore, if you want to restore your entire site, simply select the top level folder name in the tree menu. There is no need to select every file and folder from the backup.

  8. Click “restore” if you want to proceed, or “cancel” if you do not wish to proceed.

  9. You are presented with a confirmation box that tells you two important items:
    • There may be a fee associated with each restore incident you complete, so be sure you have selected EXACTLY what you want to restore so you do not incur unnecessary charges, and

    • You will be adding to the disk space utilization of your web site as the tool DOES NOT overwrite any files within the root of your site. It is YOUR responsibility to replace files or move them from the restore folder to the root so that they are active parts of your website.

  10. Click “yes” to proceed with the restore, or “no” if you do not wish to proceed.

  11. Upon clicking “yes” you will see an interim screen that tells you that your restore request is processing.

  12. Upon the successful completion of the restore, you will see a message that gives you the location of the restored files. The items will be placed in a folder within the root of your site. The folder naming convention incorporates the word “restore” and the date and time of the backup you selected to use for your restore (e.g. “_Restore-2005.07.12-12.23.53”). Should you need to restore additional items, the initial dropdown box for selecting a restore date and time also appears.

  13. You can now navigate to the root of your site using your FTP client or design environment of choice and make any necessary adjustments to bring the restored files into production.

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