How to submit a verified ticket through the WebControlCenter

When making certain requests by email to our Billing and Account Managment, Technical Support, or Sales department, we require that your account be verified.  To avoid having to supply your Customer ID and Account password within an email, we ask that you send your requests to us via a ticket submission through the WebControlCenter.

To submit a ticket:

1.  Log into your account through the WebControlCenter.  This will require that you sign in with your Customer ID and Account Password.

2.  From the Menu options, go to Customer > Submit a Ticket.

3.  You will need to provide the following information in your ticket request:

Your email address
Select from one of your account holder’s email addresses. These email addresses are listed on a different page of the Control Center (under “Customer,” click on “Customer Information”). You can update them at anytime. Be sure that you are able to receive email at the email address that you select.
If not, please contact our Customer Support Team to assist with setting up an email account. (The email address select is where you will receive your ticket confirmation number and subsequent communication relating to your inquiry.) 

Note that you may need to logout and back into the control center to see changes made when adding/removing addresses.

Send ticket to
Select a department to send a ticket or message to. Please choose Sales for new product and services, Support for technical or account issues or Billing for payment options and solutions.

If you have multiple plans or are a reseller, a drop down list will appear listing all of the domain names that are included under the same Customer ID that you are logged in with. Please select the domain in which the issue or inquiry is concerning.

Enter in a brief summary of the topic of discussion, inquiry or issue. We recommend five words or less for maximum effectiveness. You can also include to who’s attention that you would like. For example: Urgent Website Issue, Attention John Smith.

In your own words, describe the type of issue that you are having. If possible, specify which type. For example, New Service, Payment Method, Website, Email, DNS, Domain Name, Registration, Dedicated Server Service or Tool, etc. Be as descriptive as you can with times and dates. Include how long that you may have seen the issue and how often it’s occurring. You can also describe who it is affecting, from just a few people in your office to everyone on the Internet that is visiting your website.

How to duplicate the issue (code sample, step-by-step walkthrough, etc.)
If warranted, try describing the steps needed in order to reproduce the issue in this field. You can use numbers for each step and use as much detail, sighting as many specific processes, objects or methods as possible. The more explicit that you can be with this description, the faster an issue or answer can be achieved.

Additional Contact information (alternate email address, cellular phone, etc.):
This section should be reserved for how you would like to be informed of the issue. Specify when and where you can be notified. If it is a business critical issue or just a general question, this is the spot to list the urgency level of your request.

You can also include special instructions in this field, including other email addresses, phone numbers or even listing additional people to notify. Let us know just how we can inform you so that we are able to achieve it as closely as possible. Please keep in mind that although many issues can be considered urgent or critical, they are individually resolved as quickly as possible.

Each issue is evaluated and responded to within an average time of 30 minutes. However, some resolutions can take up to or more than 24 hours to resolve. Therefore, if you would like updates, you can list your suggested interval here as well.

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