The Spam Filter

For different reasons, the list "" can have one of our mail servers blacklisted, and they demand we pay a fine before it can be removed.

To say the least, this is very unusual as we work with Spam Cop, ORDB, Spam Haus and AOL which are some of the most respected and reliable blacklist providers on the Internet.

Standard practice for these proviers is to 'blacklist' a Web Host or ISP that it feels is responsible for SPAM. This is communicated to the offending host or ISP which then must find and fix the issue to be removed off the list.

The way the Sorbs list works is they want you to pay a $50.00 fine to be removed. If they receive another complaint, you will be re-listed and then you must pay another fine.

When we are informed by one of the respected blacklists that a site hosted here is sending unsolicited spam, the domain gets turned off per zero policy for SPAM and our terms of service.

Fortunately, most Internet Service Providers and Hosting Providers do not work with Sorbs. However, if you are having a problem related to a provider using Sorbs, you can have the client that you are trying to send mail to contact their Internet Service Provider. They should ask them not to use the Sorbs list, and you can even use this information as a reference for them. Most ISPs will not use the Sorbs list after finding out this information.

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