Failed Four Attempts bounce back error message

If you get the bounce back error message that the server has failed to attempt four connections to the recipient’s mail server, there can be one of multiple issues. The sending email servers will try to send once every ten minutes four times and if they fail:

1. The recipient’s mail server is not available. You can check this from an outside source like . Use the domain name in the DNS REPORT field or the MAIL TEST field for results. Look for any red failures and if there are some, you may want to have the recipient contact their email administrators or just try again later.

2. The recipient’s mail server has somehow blocked your email as if it were spam. This is a unique block or black list that is set just on the recipients email server alone and unfortunately, the sending email server administrator does not have access to it Try sending the bounce back error message to the recipient with another email address so that they can show it to the recipients email administrators and perhaps they can unblock it.

Another possible solution is to specify the ISP’s SMTP Server address in the SMTP / Outgoing Server Field.

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