Logging into the SmarterMail Web Interface - the web site for email

There are two ways to login to the SmarterMail Web Interface.

Browser URL
In a browser, use the following format in the address bar:
where EXAMLE.com is your domain name.
If your domain name does not yet work on the Internet, login to the Control Center and under DNS select DNS ZONE ADMIN. The Mail Exchnage (MX) record or mail IP address can also be used in the address bar of the browser.

Control Center
If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item MAIL select MAIL ADMIN. From here, you can click on LOGIN AS ADMIN or LOGIN AS USER.

The LOGIN AS ADMIN link will try to login with the email address and password that is located under SITE see SITE OVERVIEW. However, if the password has been changed, this information needs to be updated.

The LOGIN AS USER option will link to the login screen for the SmarterMail Web Interface so that any email address can be used to login.

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