Blocked Automatic Forwarding

Blocked Automatic Forwarding

Each ISP (Internet Service Provider) has different methods to control SPAM.  While most company's SPAM Policies are reasonable and easy to work within, there are several companies that are more strict and will block traffic all together if they identify a company or server that is sending out SPAM. 

While our company keeps a wary eye out for individuals that abuse our servers there are times that legitimate messages can be incorrectly identified as SPAM when all the messages from an email address are forwarded. When this happens any of our customer's will not be able to send messages to that company until they remove the block. 

For that reason we have restricted forwarding of any kind to these companies.  This KB will provide a list of the companies that we restrict forwarding on.

Company List

Comcast -
Compuserve -


We do not allow any of the following for the preceding companies:

Forwards on email accounts
Content filter rule

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