Adding Site Users to Sharepoint

To add Site Users to your Sharepoint Site, they will FIRST need to be added through the ControlCenter by going to Site/Site User Admin and then clicking on ADD.

Once the user is created in the ControlCenter, you can then log on to your sharepoint site as an Administrator and choose SITE SETTINGS from the Top Menu. Once there, access ADMINISTRATION and choose MANAGE USERS. In the MANAGE USERS section, click on ADD USER.

To setup the user that was just created in the ControlCenter, follow these instructions. As an example, we'll use NEWUSER.

Step 1: Add the user as CRYSTALTECH\NEWUSER.

Step 2: Select the new user's permissions. Click NEXT.

Step 3: Enter the email address of the user and the name to be displayed.

Step 4: You can send an email to the new user notifying them that they have been added. Click FINISH.

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