Uninstalling ZenCart

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions

There are two parts to removing ZenCart. The first part is from the website and the second is from the database.

Web Site

1. Login to your site via FTP

2. Right click on the ZenCart folder and click on Delete


3. If your database is setup specifically for ZenCart alone, the easiest way to remove ZenCart is to totally remove the database through the Control Center and you can skip step number four and five:

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at  https://www.webcontrolcenter.com/domain.aspx  and from the menu item DATABASE select MY SQL and click on MY SQL ADMIN. For the database that Zen Cart was using, click on the DELETE link and confirm the delete by clicking on the YES button.

4. Download MySQL-Front so that you can access the database that it was using directly.

5. If your database includes data from other parts of your site you will have to go through one by one and remove each TABLE using MySQL-Front that is prefixed with zen_ unless otherwise specified by you in the ZenCart installation setup. Right click on each TABLE and click Remove TABLE.

** Be VERY careful when using this program and distinguishing the differences between database and table – if you drop your database, ALL contents are gone and can only be restored in the WebControlCenter.

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