Publishing with the Legacy SiteBuilder shows my IP instead of my domain for links.

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Note: This article provides instructions on an older, Legacy version of our website builder.  

For instructions on the NEWER Newtek SiteCenter, please search "SiteCenter" in the KB system.

When I publish my site, and I preview it, my IP address shows up for my links instead of my domain name. How can I fix that?

Your account's IP address is used as the base URL for new builds using the Legacy SiteBuilder for a number of reasons. First and foremost is because, as most people who initially use SiteBuilder will be new customers who are signing up new accounts, if we did not use the IP for the new website, those customers would not be able to preview their site after it is built.

The way DNS works is that when a domain is called by a browser, the browser looks up the DNS record for that domain. If the domain is currently hosted elsewhere or has not propagated yet, the preview of a new site built with SiteBuilder would not work. It would either pull up a 404 Page Not Found error (as the domain is new and has not propagated to our nameservers yet) or it would pull up the 'old' site from where ever it is currently being hosted. By using the IP, we bypass these problems.

A very simple way to change this, after a site is built and propagated to our nameservers, is to change one tag on each of the pages built by SiteBuilder:

<base href="http://99.99.999.99/"> (where 99.99.999.99 would be your IP address)

This tag appears AFTER the <head> tag toward the very top of every page created by SiteBuilder. By changing the 'href' path so that it appears like this:

<base href="http://Your_Domain.tld/"> (be sure to add the trailing / after your domain's extension)

your domain name will appear on all links instead of your site's IP address.

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