Resolving the CFFTP Denied Access to localhost:1024- Error

With sandbox security, "active" CFFTP connections will fail with the following error: Security: The requested template has been denied access to localhost:1024-.

"Sandbox security in ColdFusion MX uses the underlying J2EE Java security model. When sandbox security is enabled, Java security watches IP connections. However, allowing ColdFusion MX to connect to a specific IP address does not automatically imply that ColdFusion MX will also accept incoming connections from this IP address. The error above is caused by ColdFusion MX disallowing the incoming connection.

FTP supports two modes: active and passive. When using active FTP, ColdFusion makes the initial connection to the FTP server and then the FTP server creates an additional incoming connection back to ColdFusion for the data. When using passive FTP, ColdFusion makes the same initial connection to the FTP server but then ColdFusion, rather than the FTP server, creates a second connection to the FTP server for the data.
", Macromedia, Inc.

To work around this problem, enable passive mode with all CFFTP actions.

To enable passive mode: Anywhere you use the action variable to supply a CFFTP command, add in passive="yes"

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