How do I enable and disable FrontPage extensions?

Enabling or disabling FrontPage extensions is a very simple task:

1. If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item SITE, click on SITE FEATURES ADMIN.

2. Here you will find the various features you can enable/disable for your domain.

3. To enable FrontPage extensions, click on the "Enable" link that appears next to the FRONTPAGE feature. To disable FrontPage extensions, click on the "Disable" link that appears.

4. After FrontPage extensions are enabled, a new menu item will appear under the IIS menu item that will give you access to the FrontPage administrator.

After adding FrontPage extensions, it can take up to one hour to be able to login. This time frame is what it takes for FrontPage extensions to synchronize with the domain controller.

** Disabling FrontPage extensions will disable functionality for a website that was built in FrontPage and is still on the server. A web page built in FrontPage that was left on the server may also result unpredictable results to the web pages.

** Enabling FrontPage extensions will reset all file permissions back to default. After enabling FrontPage extensions, publish or re-publish the website from FrontPage, and set custom file permissions in the Control Center, if applicable.

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