Adding a DSN to FrontPage

1 - Create DSN path on the web server (using Control Center or Server Admin). Run test to confirm functionality. Remember the name and path you establish.

2 - On your PC, create DSN path using the "ODBC Sources" functions in your PC operating system, (make sure you create a "System DSN"). Make sure you use the same DSN name, database location path, password, Username as on the web server.

3 - In FrontPage, establish the database using the "System data source on web server" option. Select the Local DSN path you just created on your PC. Don''t try to "Verify" the connection. Just make sure you go to the Advanced section and include the web username and password info. Just select OK and close. The Database will have a "?" by it, but that's OK. You will do the verify on the web side.

4 - Through FrontPage, publish your changes and then do the "Verify" of the database. It should successfully run and put a check to showing the connection works.

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