How do I set up Eudora to use the alternate SMTP port?

A common issue currently with Internet Service Providers is that they block port 25.  This is the port that an email program uses to send email messages.  They do this to try to reduce the spam that is generated directly from their customers.

To configure Eudora with an alternate SMTP port, complete the following steps:

The below steps are taken from the Eudora Tech Support KB article found here:

First, look for a file in the Windows directory called "services" and open it with Notepad (or similar text editor).

Look for the apporpirate line for what you are trying to change. It will look something like this:

smtp 25/tcp mail

Change the port number (25) to the desired value (8889) then save the change to the file and exit Notepad (or appropriate text editor). If the service you are trying to modify is not contained in the "services" file DO NOT ADD IT. No change to the "services" file is necessary.

Next, look in the Eudora directory (probably c:\program files\qualcomm\eudora) for the directory labeled "extrastuff". In this directory is a file named "esoteric.epi". Drag this file into the main Eudora directory (i.e. move it out of the "extrastuff" folder and place it in the "eudora" folder). Start up Eudora, and go to Tools-->Options-->Ports & Protocols and change the port here.

Quit Eudora and look in the Eudora Application Folder for the folder "Extras". In this folder is a file "Esoteric Settings". Drag this file into the "Eudora Stuff" folder, then launch Eudora. Go to Special-->Settings-->Ports & Protocols and change the default SMTP port to 8889.

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