How to Automatically Refer New Customers

Ecommerce Web Hosting for Developers and Webmasters

Our Referral Program is a great way for you to potentially get your website hosting for free. For every customer you refer to us, you get a $10 credit on one month's worth of hosting, as long as that customer uses our services for a minimum of 90 days.

Your referral just needs to list your domain name in the referral field when they are ordering their plan online.

Or you can even make it easier to get a referral credit by adopting a "Referrer Specific" URL that you can append to an image file or text link from your website.

Once you're ready to add the code and link to our website, add the following after the URL address:


This URL will automatically add your domain name to the "Referral" box in our order form. That way, your referral does not have to remember to input your domain name when they are ordering their plan online.

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