FrontPage Administration

ASP.NET Web Hosting on Cloud Spaces Platform

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at and from the menu item IIS click on FRONTPAGE ADMIN.

You can use the FrontPage Admin Tool to maintain FrontPage on your site. Common uses are to recalculate FrontPage extensions, creating sub-webs, add users to sub-webs, and checking server (FrontPage extentions) health. Recalculating a web page is considered safe to use at any time. See more information about checking server health below.

** Before adding a user in through FrontPage Admin, the user must be created in the Control Center under SITE select SITE USER ADMIN, see Knowledge Base article number 230 for further instructions.

Adding a User to FrontPage

1. Log into the Control Center
2. Choose "FrontPage Admin" under the IIS Admin menu and login.
3. Click the Administrator link located in the upper left corner of the FrontPage frame.
4. Under the "Users and Roles" section, choose "Manage Users."
5. Click "Add a user."
6. Under the "User" section, choose the second option (Add user or group name…), and type "crystaltech\" and the user name. EXAMPLE: CRYSTALTECH\USER
7. Under "User Role," choose the option that gives this user the correct permissions.
8. Click "Add User"

** If the user still can not access Front Page, try adding the user to the Control Center in the menu item SITE click on FILE PERMISSIONS. Give the user full permissions to the proper area/s. Be aware that if you add a user to the root and select the check box APPLY TO ALL SUBFOLDERS AND FILES, all other foldes and files will be set to the same permissions.

Check Server Health

In the administration area there is an option for Check Server Health, which can detect and/or repair the following:

Reapply file security settings
Verify existence of webs
Check roles configuration
Tighten security
Check anonymous access

If Reapply file security settings is Repaired, FrontPage will reset all file permission on the website. Any unique file permissions that may have been set within the Contorl Center's File Permissions interface will be reset to default.

If Tighten security is repaired, this may make users unable to login from a remote location and is not advised.

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