Is RDS available in ColdFusion MX hosting?

RDS stands for Remote Development Services and is a proprietary protocol that is built into Studio. RDS does everything that FTP does, and also enables developers to browse server databases, debug remote applications, and use server-side source control. The RDS server also manages security. The RDS server is always the ColdFusion Server.

Macromedia did not choose to make RDS work through sandbox authentication in ColdFusion MX as they did in previous versions of ColdFusion. This means that RDS can't be enabled securely in a shared environment. Only one username and password per server is currently available for RDS, which gives System Administrator access. This means every user on a ColdFusion MX server would have System Administrator access, and in a shared hosting environment, this is unacceptable. We have no ETA on when Macromedia will allow multiple usernames and passwords per server for the shared hosting environment.


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