Can I see an example of the CSV file that is used with the bulk product uploader?

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Below is an example of the most commonly used attributes, with examples, for bulk uploading:

 Category Key
Product Name
 ProductID Price
Manufacturer ID
 Unit Weight
Is Taxable
Attribute Description 1
Attribute Name 1
Attribute Caption 1
Robust flavor
5 x 56
Single Stick||5 pack (+380%, +380%)
Bundle Type

Category Key:  Insert the key, not the name, of the category you want this product to belong to.  If you want to have multiple categories for this product, separate the keys with a double "whack" (e.g. || - usually the symbol sharing the back slash key and above the Enter/Return key).

Product Name:  Name of the product.

Product ID:  Unique ID given for the product.

Price:  What you want the price to be.  Note: you do not want to use currency symbols like the $ sign as they will cause the cart to error.

Manufacturer ID:  If you have setup manufacturers, you can specify what products belong to them using this option.

Unit Weight:  Here you specify the weight of your products.

Is Taxable: Specifies if the item is to be taxed.

Description:  Here you enter your full product description.  HTML is allowed in this field for formatting purposes.

Overview:  Here you specify your product overview, which is usually a quick snippet about the product.  HTML is NOT accepted here.

Attribute Options (1-3):  Here you can setup a product attribute.  The format is as follows: option1(+/- price, +/- weight) or (+/- % of price, +/- % of weight).  All options must be separated by a double "whacks" (e.g., ||).

Attribute Name (1-3):  Here you give your options a reference name.

Attribute Caption (1-3):  Name of the option that gets displayed on the website.

Bulk Uploader Tip: in order to have your product images appear properly for each bulk uploaded product, make sure the image name matches the product ID. (e.g., using the info in the example above, Product ID "USAPotomac" would match to "USAPotomac.jpg")

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