Installing syncML for Windows Smartphone

This article describes the process of downloading and installing the syncML plugin for Windows Smartphone.  This will allow you to sync calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes between a SmarterMail email account and a Windows Smartphone.  
1. Download the SyncML plug-in for Windows Smartphone from
2. Select Windows Mobile Smartphone.
3. You will be prompted to fill out a registration form, or you can choose to select “No thanks-please take me straight to the downloads!”
4. Download the funambol plug-in for Smarterphone to your desktop (or a local download folder).
Connect the Smartphone to the Active Sync or Sync Center (Vista).
5. Install the plug-in by double clicking on the funambol plugin.
Once the installation is finished you will see a configuration screen on Smartphone device.
a. The server location needs be for formatted as:
b. Username need to be:
6. Enter password
7. Save
8. After Saving select Sync All.
9. A message will appear requesting a full Sync, click Yes to initiate . 

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