PHP Nuke 7 - A website portal application

You can download PHP-Nuke 7.0 at

1. Download and unzip the file to your computer.

2. In the "html" directory where the files are unzipped, edit the config.php file. Change the parameters that correspond to the database.

$dbhost = "";
$dbuname = "EXAMPLEuserName";
$dbpass = "EXAMPLEpassword";
$dbname = "EXAMPLEdatabaseName";

**Definitions of these parameters are found in the "Database & System Config" section of this file which is surrounded by pound symbols. This specific answers can be found in the Control Center under DATABASE see MY SQL ADMIN.

3. Upload the "html" folder to the website, or upload just the contents of the "html" folder to the root of your website.

3. In the "sql" directory on your computer, there is a file called nuke.sql. Run the nuke.sql file against your MySQL database by using a MySQL tool or copy and paste the content into a SQL query analyzer for your database and run it. This will create all of the database objects that PHP Nuke needs to work.

4. Login to the Control Center at and under IIS see DEFAULT PAGES. Add index.php to this list so that the web server knows you are using index.php as a default page.

5. Finally, open a browser (Internet Explorer) an browse to the admin.php page of the website:
depending on how it was uploaded.

Additional installation instructions are in the install.txt file included with the download.

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