Adding an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are no longer able to be issued through the Web Control Center, please follow the knowledge article found at this link to purchase a new SSL Certificate
Adding an SSL Certificate

Adding an SSL Certificate to your domain will ensure that information on your site is secured and that any credit card details will not end up in the wrong hands. An SSL certificate is also necessary to make your site PCI compliant. In the WebControlCenter you need to use the SSL Management Tool to order and install an SSL certificate.

SSL Management Tool

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates for domains, on shared plans, can be added easily with the automated Certificate Management tool in the WebControlCenter. With this tool, you can create and process Certificate Signing Requests to enable an SSL Certificate for your website. It allows you to manage the SSL process in the WebControlCenter for one or all of your domain names.

We offer our SSL Certificates through a company called Trustwave. The Certificate Management tool in the WebControlCenter can be utilized regardless of if you purchase your SSL through us or if you use a third party SSL provider. If you would like to use a third-party certificate instead, read Knowledge Base KB 1573 to learn how to install your SSL through the WebControlCenter.

WebControlCenter Navigation

If you have not already, login to the WebControlCenter to use the SSL Certificate Management tool.

Navigate to Ecommerce > Security Services > SSL Management.

CSR Generation (The Certificate Request)

Before an SSL certificate can be produced correctly by the certificate provider, they need to know specific information about the web server that the website is on. This information is generated within this Certificate Management tool and entered into a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Click on Purchase to initiate the order process. (Note: Certificate purchase request is not complete until order form submission is finished.)


Select your Country from the drop down box and click next.

Next, you will need to select the radio button for the SSL Certificate option and term to purchase .
Complete the order form. (Below is an example form with a description of each required field.)

Note: Please do not use abbreviations or symbols.


Common name: Enter the domain name that you will be securing here. Most certificates are meant to be used for one domain name and one prefix only.

For example, in where "" is your domain name, the "www" is the prefix. You can create a certificate for an extra domain by putting that domain name into the common name field, however you can only have one SSL certificate per hosting plan.

Organization: Enter the name of the organization that owns the domain name (as specified with the registrar). Please do not use abbreviations or commas.

Organization Unit: Enter the name of the department within your company that will have the most interaction with the SSL pages.

City: Enter the city where the business is located.

State/Province: Chose your state or province from the drop-down menu.

Email Address: An email address is not used in the certificate itself, but we may need it to contact you for more information.

Bit Length: Select your specific bit lenght for your certificate: 1024, 2048 (default), or 4096. To learn more about bit length, read Knowledge Base Article #1574.

Once you have completed the click on the next button

** Please Note: There is a $10.00 installation fee for a Trustwave SSL (purchased through the WebControlCenter) This charge is for the certificate installation only. It does not include the charge for the certificate.

Click yes to agree to the fee and your CSR will be generated.

Lastly, click on the finish button.

The Next Steps

Trustwave will attempt to confirm you own the domain name. They will do this several ways.
  • They verify the company name and address on the admin contacts for the domain registration, against the Department of States listing for the company. If the information matches then Trustwave will issue the SSL certificate without delay.
  • If the information does not match then Trustwave will send you an email requiring additional information and instructions to help them verify the domain. Upon verifying the domain ownership with Trustwave no other steps are needed as we will install your certificate within 48 hours.

You can check the SSL Management page in the WebControlCenter for updates on the status of your SSL. The SSL Management page will provide up-to-the-minute status to see if SSL certificate installation is complete.

Domain Statuses

The Domain Management Page will show several different statuses. Below is a list of all the statuses and a description of each.

Certificate is being installed. This can take up to 72 hours
When a pending SSL certificate ordered through the WebControlCenter is ready,it will get automatically installed. 

The Pending status is displayed when a CSR has been generated for the domain only but a SSL Certificate hasn't been installed. This would indicate that you are planning to install a SSL certificate that you are purchasing through another Certificate Provider.

Check Registrant Email or Contact Support
If there was an issue creating the certificate, Trustwave will send you an email requiring additional information and providng instructions to help them verify the domain. See Knowledge Base Article #924.
Indicates an SSL certificate has been installed for the domain. Note the Valid From and Valid To columns for the purchase and expiration dates respectively. You can test out your certificate by browsing to where "" is your domain name or the common name that was used for generating the CSR.

Additional Resources

  • If there are any issues or discrepancies, please feel free to contact us.
  • For common resolutions for pop-up errors that show up on your website after the SSL certificate has been installed, click here.
  • For instructions on placing a site seal (logo) on your website that shows that your site is utilizing SSL, click here.
    • Please Note: A site seal will take 24 hours to validate once it has been created.
  • Most of our hosting plans already have access to a shared SSL certificate. A shared SSL fundamentally works the same as your own, but has a generic domain name. See Knowledge Base Article #158 for more details.

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