How Do I Set Up Real Time Shipping for UPS in Newtek Cart?

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First, login to the admin area of your shopping cart and go to Cart Settings as shown below.

Then click on Shipping Management as shown below.

Then select the Real-Time Shipping Configurations tab as shown below (this tab is where you set up real time shipping for not only UPS but also USPS, FedEx and Canada Post).

Next you will need to generate an XML access key though UPS to actually be ablet to retrieve rates (if you don't already have one). To generate this key, login to your UPS account and go to the following location:

Once you have that key, copy and paste that information into the appropriate area of the UPS Gateway settings area,  along with the username and password to your account as shown above. NOTE: You can also validate the XML key by clicking the link directly under the UPS XML Access Key box.

The following URLs exist for connecting the cart to UPS:

After you have set up the UPS configurations, you will need to make sure to add the appropriate methods in the Real Time Methods.


If after getting the real time shipping set up you're seeing a "Shipping methods have not been set up" error, try the following:

1. Make sure you have valid weights set up for all of your products. 
2. Make sure you have the shipping origin settings configured correctly.
3. Finally, make sure you have not mis-typed any of your usernames, passwords, URLs, or any other custom information in any of the configuration settins. 

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