SEO Friendly URLs for Drupal

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Without a URL rewrite engine, a Drupal website, just as many other of today's most popular applications, will generate long or unintuitive URLs for all pages that are created through a database.

With IIS Mod-Rewrite, a URL rewrite engine that emulates the widely used mod_rewrite module for the Apache web server, your Drupal website will be able to take advantage of clean, Search Engine Friendly URLs.

If your hosting plan supports IIS Mod-Rewrite, your Drupal website, upon installation, will automatically default to use Clean URLs.   The below image is a screen shot of the "Configure Site" step in the Drupal installation process (for version 6.x).  Under "Clean URLs" the "enabled" radio button should be selected by defaut (as long as your hosting plan supports IIS Mod-Rewrite).  If the "disabled" radio button is selected instead, manually click the "enabled" option.  You should also see a notice stating that "Your server has been successfully tested to support this feature."

For a complete listing of plans that support IIS Mod-Rewrite, click here.

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