Can I use the Payvision gateway even if my shopping cart doesn't have a Payvision Payment Module?

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Absolutely - most shopping carts are capable of communicating with Payvision through one of the following methods:

1. Through a "compatible" payment gateway and the payment module for that compatible gateway that is part of the shopping cart installation. Many shopping carts provide common payment gateway modules to facilitate processing transactions. In addition to the gateway module specifically designed to communicate with Payvision there are several poplar payment gateways that are compatible with Payvision:

Ezic / NetBilling
Network Merchants Inc (NMI)
RS Billing
Plug n Pay
MTrex (Vision Bankcard)
Trident (Merchant eSolutions)

2. Likewise, a shopping cart can provide a custom module created by a developer that communicates with the Payvision Interface. The Newtek Shopping Cart has such a custom module, so there is no need to use a "compatible" gateway when processing transactions through Payvision using the Newtek Cart.

3. Finally, if the shopping cart does not provide a payment module you can use, Payvision does provide an application programming interface (API) that developers may use to build a module that will communicate with the Payvision system. If this is the direction you want to go, the documentation for the Payvision API is available in the WebControlCenter under the Ecommerce–->Toolsets/Help-->Payvision menu.  

NOTE: Please understand that, in some cases, you may not have the luxury of multiple choices when it comes to using Payvision with your shopping cart. For example, Zencart does not currently have a Payvision payment module, nor are you able to use a compatible gateway (as you cannot change the gateway URL in Zencart payment modules).

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