How do I set up application starting points from within the WebControlCenter?

An IIS "Application" is a collection of web pages that is executed within a defined set of directories in your web site. When you create an application in IIS, you designate the application starting-point directory, which is also called the application root. You can have more than one application per Web site. Every file and directory that is beneath the starting-point directory in your Web site is considered part of that application until another starting-point directory is found. Thus, you use directory boundaries to define the scope of an application.
1. If you have not already, login to the WebControlCenter with your Customer ID and password.
2. From the IIS menu item click on APPLICATION STARTING POINTS.
3. Creating an application starting point is rather easy: simply click the "add" button, then select the folder containing your web application and click "create". 4. To delete an application starting point, simply select it and click "delete".
1. Once the application starting point is created, web pages placed in that folder run in a different "process" than other files on the web site. This is useful in ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and other programming languages, where it is possible to define multiple applications on a site, each having different application parameters. These parameters are usually defined in a file or files that reside on the application root, such as a global.asax or application.cfm.

2. If an application is marked as *DISABLED*, it means that there is no folder on the web site associated with the application. Usually this is caused when an application has been created, and the site folder deleted afterwards. Disabled applications should be deleted.
3. When creating an application, you can specify whether or not you want an application to be set on the equivalent "SSL" folder. If this is desired check the "Set application on equivalent SSL folder" checkbox. When the applications are listed, the "SSL" column indicates whether or not the SSL application is set (only available for web sites that support shared SSL).

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