How do I install SmarterTrack on my shared account?

SmarterTrack is a ticket management system that is ideal for anywhere from one to a hundred Agents. It is designed to run on an IIS 6.0 and above (including 7.0) and the .Net 4.0 Framework. In addition, the software is works with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, or MySQL databases.
Installation and Setup
1. First of all, you'll want to make sure you have the proper installation package from SmarterTools. To get one for shared hosting, visit
2. Once you have downloaded the proper installation package, double click on it to extract the files to your local machine. The files will extract to the same location as the installation package itself but the extraction will create a new folder, labeled "SmarterTrack". 
3. Next, you will need to upload the contents of the SmarterTrack folder to the root of your hosted site. If at all possible, do not change the file and folder structure.
a. You would typically place a “SmarterTrack” folder in your web site's root. NOTE: You will need to set this folder up as an application starting point. See THIS KB ARTICLE on how to do that from within the WebControlCenter.
4. Next, make sure you have the proper permissions set on the "App_Data" folder that can be found within the folder that you copied SmarterTrack to. App_Data required read, write, execute and modify. See THIS KB ARTICLE on how to set IIS permissions from within the WebControlCenter.
5. As SmarterTrack requires a Microsoft SQL or MySQL database for ticket storage, your next step is to set up a database you can use. For information on setting up a Microsoft SQL databse, see THIS KB ARTICLE HINT: Setting up a MySQL database entails essentially the same process, just using the MySQL database administration area within the WebControlCenter.
6. Regardless of what database type you set up, you will need the following information to continue with the installation of SmarterTrack:
Database Server IP Address or hostname (e.g., SQLA10.WEBCONTROLCENTER.COM) 
Database Name
Database Username (needs to be a DBO, Database Owner)
Database User's password
7. Next, you'll need to configure SmarterTrack. Using a web browser navigate to the location of the SmarterTrack installation (e.g., Once here, a login page should appear where you can log in with the default Administrator username and password: admin/admin
8. After successfully logging in you should be taken to the setup wizard. This will walk you through the actual installation of SmarterTrack, so follow along and input information as needed (your database name, location, username, etc.).
9. After finishing with the wizard, SmarterTrack should be installed and ready to use. Congratulations.
Some common errors during the installation are as follows:
1. Invalid permissions - Verify that the folder referred to in Step 3 has the proper permissions. If you are unsure, please contact Support.
2. SmarterTrack requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 or later. Please make sure you are on a hosting plan that supports this version of .NET. If not, you may need to submit a Change Plan Request in order for SmarterTrack to run properly.
3. If your error does not clear up after checking #1 and #2 above, navigate your web browser to http://your_smartertrack_url/about/checkup.aspx and pay attention to any failures that appear (if any). If you cannot determine the cause of a problem, please contact Technical Support.

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