Turn Off/Bypass Greylisting in SmarterMail 5

Greylisting is turned on by default on shared mail servers. Bypassing the greylisting feature can be done at two different levels - the Domain level and the Individual level. To disable it, follow the instructions below.

Bypass at the Domain Level
You will need to contact support; one of our customer service represenatives will make this modification in your domain settings so that all mail boxes under that specific domain are bypassed automatically.

Bypass at the Individual Level
All email users have access to this with the SmarterMail web interface for their own account. This will allow bypass for just this mail account and not all accounts for the domain. If greylisting is on at the domain level and an individual chooses to bypass, all other accounts on the domain will remain greylisted.

1. Log in to the WebControlCenter and access Mail--Mail Admin. Click the 'Login as User' link or log in to your mail account at http://mail.yourdomain.com (replace 'yourdomain.com' with your actual domain).

2. Once logged into SmarterMail, go to SETTINGS > MY SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Once on the Account Settings page, you should be under the "User" tab by default. If you are not under the "User" tab, be sure to select it.

3. Under the "Users" tab, you will see a checkbox for "Disable Greylisting." Once checked, click Save.

If you find that the Greylisting is not limiting the amount of spam sufficiently, you may want to look into configuring your Spam Filter and Content Filter. Information can be found in Article #735.

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