Mura CMS Installation (formerly SavaCMS)

Before you begin, download Mura CMS at

Extract the contents of Mura CMS to the root directory of your website. Mura CMS will not work in a subdirectory on our shared hosting environment.

1. Create your Mura database through WebControlCenter by going to Menu > Database > SQL > SQL Admin. Click 'Add', then fill in the required information.

2. For MSSQL
a. Open Enterprise manager and connect to the SQL server associated with the Mura database you created in the WebControlCenter, then select the database.
b. Click 'New Query'
c. Copy the contents of 'db\mssql.sql' into the query and Execute.
d. After query is complete, you can exit Enterprise Manager.

For MySQL, please contact support.

3. Back in the WebControlCenter, go to Database > Datasource Admin. Click 'Add,' then add the DSN.

4. Edit \config\setting.ini.cfm per installation instructions
a. Line 16, Enter either mssql or mysql, depending on which database you are using.
b. Line 17-18, Enter the username and password for the database you set up.
c. Line 23-28, Enter your e-mail address, e-mail server (usually, username and password

5. Go to and log in with
username: admin
password: admin

6. In the top right corner, click on 'Site Settings' and update Domain, Default Contact Email Address, Mail Server IP, Mail Server Username, and Mail Server Password.

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