How Do I Set Up PayPal Website Payments Pro in Newtek Cart?

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In order to use Website Payments Pro it is understood that you need, and already have, a business account setup with PayPal. If not, you can begin the sign up process right from within the WebControlCenter.

1) Log into your PayPal Business account and navigate to the profile section.

2) Once the profile overview loads click on the “API Access” Link Under the “Account Information” header.

3) Next, click the "Request API Credentials" link. 

4) Oin this page, you can either select "Request API Signature" or "Request API certificate". For the purposes of the rest of this KB we will proceed as if you selected "Request API Signature".

NOTE: If you select API Signature, your credentials will simply be provided to you on the next page. From now on, they will be stored in your PayPal profile (Profile -> API Access -> View or Remove Credentials). However, if you select "Request API certificate" your API Username and API Password will be provided to you on the next page the same way as if you had requested an API Signature while the API Certificate will need to be downloaded. To download your API certificate, click the 'Download Certificate' button on the 'Download or Remove API Certificate' page. You will be prompted to download a file called cert_key_pem.txt. This file is your API Certificate and you will be able to upload it from within the Newtek Cart Websites Payment Pro payment module page. See below.

5) Once you have clicked the button and you are presented with your API signature, be sure to record your API username and password as you will need these to activate the payment method within the Newtek Cart. 

6)  Next, login to your cart and activate the PayPal Pro Payment gateway within the cart by going to Cart Settings...

...then clicking on Payment Methods...

...then selecting Paypal Pro from the available payment gateways listed.

7)  Enter in your API Username and API Password into the cart as shown below. Your actual Paypal Username and Password will not work.

10)   Upload your certificate to the server by clicking on the "browse" button under the Payment Server Settings and navigating to where you stored the "cert_key_pem.txt" file from the NOTE in Step 4. If you did not download the certificate, not to worry: you will just need to login to your PayPal account and download it. 

11) Once your API information is added, and the certificate file is installed, click save and you're done.

*Note: One possible source of errors is having an incorrect Global Https Url or Global Server Path in your Global Cart Settings.  

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