Tips for a successful installation of Newtek Cart

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1. The Newtek Cart requires a MySQL database in order to work, so you must either create one or figure out which database you want to use before you begin the installation process. We recommend using a blank database as the installation process creates many new tables in the database, and if you use an existing database, and have any tables of the same name they may get overwritten. 

2. You will need to create an Administrative username and password for the shopping cart so that you can begin managing the cart (adding products, etc.). Please write these down and keep them in an accessible place as these will be difficult to retrieve once the cart is installed.

3. After you have successfully installed the shopping cart, please DO NOT move any files, rename folders, or use a third party product like MySQLAdmin or even a FTP client to modify any of the installation. If you do so the cart may stop working as the installation is very precise and sets paths and parameters during the process.

4. It is best to use a custom SSL certificate for your shopping cart versus using our shared SSL. A custom SSL certificate will encrypt the data transfer during the checkout process, thereby making the shopping process much more safe and secure. To find out how to automatically order and install a custom SSL certificate, please contact a Sales or Customer Service Associate.

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