What are the proper settings for POP3 and SMTP so that I can send newsletters and product updates from Newtek Cart?

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In order to send out emails from within the Newtek shopping cart, two things must be taken into consideration:

1. Mail sent MUST come from a valid email account for the domain hosting the shopping cart, and
2. The cart should be configured so that the Sendmail Engine send via SMTP instead of sending via PHP mail function.

Therefore, the proper settings are as follows (where "domain.com" is your domain and mail usernames and passwords are what you created on that domain):

Sendmail Settings

Sendmail Engine:              Use SMTP Server (advanced)

SMTP Server Settings

Security Settings:              None
SMTP Server Name:          mail.domain.com (or web server URL, e.g., maila1.webcontrolcenter.com)
SMTP Server Port:            25
SMTP Server Username:   valid_user@domain.com
SMTP Server Password:    password

POP3 Protocol Settings

POP3 Server Name:           mail.domain.com (or web server URL, e.g., maila1.webcontrolcenter.com)
POP3 Server Port:             110
POP3 Server Username:    valid_user@domain.com
POP3 Server Password:     password

Undeliverable Email Settings

How many attempts on email delivery?     4 (which is the default and is fine as is)

Below is a screenshot of the settings as they would appear within the POP3 and MTP Email Settings screen within the Newtek shopping cart:

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