I installed Newtek Cart, now my website doesn't come up or show up

In order to get your website up to display properly after you install the Newtek Cart, you simply need to log in to the WebControlCenter and re-add your default page to the "Default Pages" list.

1. Log in to the WebControlCenter using your customer ID and Password.

2. From the menu on the left, navigate to IIS -> Default Pages:

2. You'll come to a page that shows a single default page listed: index.php

3. Click the "add" icon in the uppger, right hand corner of the default page list.

4. You'll come to an area where you can type in the name of your "old" default page. Type that full file name into the textbox and click the "save" icon. For the sake of this KB, we're using "default.html" as the name of our previous default page - however, your default page could have any name and any extension (e.g., index.htm, index.aspx, home.html, start.php, etc.).

5. Once you click "save", you'll see the page you entered listed along with the default page the Newtek Cart creates. 

However, you'll notice that the page you typed in is listed SECOND in the list. In order for that page to come up first when someone comes to your site, you'll need to list it first. 

6. To do that, click the "up" arrow to the left of default.html until that page is first in the list.

Once this last step is completed, whenever someone comes to your site the previous site will appear in all its glory. Just realize that in order to navigate people to the storefront, you will need to link to the "index.php" page that serves as the entrypoint to the store. 


When you install the Newtek Cart to your website a page is added to the list of "Default Pages" for your domain within IIS (the back-end web server that runs your site). In addition, any other default pages listed are deleted - please understand that the pages themselves are not deleted, only their listing within IIS. Therefore, the fix is pretty simple: re-add your old default page to the list of default pages within IIS. The tool in the WebControlCenter that we describe above makes this task a breeze and will have your site up and running in no time.


Ideally, if you have a website already set up and want to add in a shopping cart you should install it to a sub-directory - That way you keep the structure of your existing site intact, you avoid overwriting files and folders, and you generally make your life a bit easier. 

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