How to use Legacy SiteBuilder to build your website.

Note: This article provides instructions on an older, Legacy version of our website builder.  

For instructions on the NEWER Newtek SiteCenter, please search "SiteCenter" in the KB system.

It is really quite easy to begin using the Legacy Site Builder. NOTE: IE 4+ is the recommended browser for using SiteBuilder.

1. To start, make sure you log in to the WebControlCenter using your Customer ID and password.

2. Once in the WebControlCenter, place your mouse pointer on the "Resources" menu item, and select "Legacy SiteBuilder" from the pop-out menu.

3. Next, you'll be presented with this screen in the main WebControlCenter window:

Notice that you can either publish your website to your domain name - easiest if you have a domain selected already - or to the IP address assigned to your website. A good rule of thumb is to always publish to the domain name if you a) have one selected and ordered already, and b) do NOT already have a website published to your site. It is not recommended to publish to your domain name if you have a default "" domain, as in the example being shown.

4. Once you have made your publishing choice, you will see this screen:

What this step does is it creates a Default page using the template style you choose, and makes the modification to the server so that the templated Default page appears when you navigate to your site. Again, a rule of thumb is to simply click the "Yes" option. NOTE: if you accidentally click on the "no", you can still change the Default page options as noted in the last sentence of the text box. 

5. Once the Default page options are set, you will see the following:
Clicking the link will log you into SiteBuilder so that you can select your template and begin publishing your website.

6. Below is the interface for selecting your template. At the left you can select a "Layout Category" for your site (i.e., the "theme" - if it's for a business, for your family, if it will be a technical site, etc.) and, once selected, you'll be presented with a number of template styles that pertain to the theme selected. You can also name the site (i.e., set the title tag):

Once you have made your template selection, SiteBuilder will need to publish the template files to the root of your site. Therefore, once you click the "OK" button, you'll see the following message:

That's it! The files are published and ready for use. You can continue using the SiteBuilder interface to begin working on your website. However, if you prefer you can come back later, or at any time for that matter, to make modifications to the site. Just simply log in to the WebControlCenter and navigate to "Resources --> "Legacy SiteBuilder" and click on the link provided. You will be automatically logged into SiteBuilder from there. 

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