How to Install Newtek Cart

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Welcome to the installation of the Newtek Shopping Cart. First, a few tips for a successful installation:

1. If you haven't done so already, use the MySQL Admin section of the WebControlCenter and create a new MySQL database. The Newtek Cart requires a MySQL database in order to work, so you must do this first. We recommend using a blank database as the installation process creates many new tables in the database, and if you use an existing database, and have any tables of the same name they may get overwritten. 

2. You will need to create an Administrative username and password for the shopping cart. Please write these down and keep them in an accessible place as these will be difficult to retrieve once the cart is installed.

3. After you have successfully installed the shopping cart, please DO NOT move any files, rename folders, or use a third party product like MySQLAdmin or even a FTP client to modify any of the installation. If you do so the cart may stop working as the installation is very precise and sets paths and parameters during the process.

Now for the Installation process itself:

1. Navigate to the Ecommerce menu option within the WebControlCenter. Move your mouse to Shopping Carts - Newtek Cart and click the right mouse button.

2. Once you click on the Newtek Cart option, you will see the following default message:

As you can see, this is a default warning letting you know that there is an additional monthly fee for using the Newtek Cart. For an exact price, please contact your Sales Associate.

3. After clicking "yes", you are presented with the MySQL Database selection option. Here you'll select the database you want to use for the installation:

PLEASE NOTE: you must first create a MySQL database to use with the shopping cart. Please see Tip #1 above.

4. Once your database is selected, you will need to set the location of where you want the cart to install. By default the cart will be installed in the root of your website - that way, simply typing your domain name will bring up the shopping cart's homepage. If you want to install the cart to a subfolder, enter the name in the box provided (e.g., storefront). If you want to install the cart a few layers deep, you can do so by typing the full path to the install directory (e.g., storefront/newtekcart).
PLEASE NOTE: it can take a few minutes for the files to copy over to your site. Please DO NOT exit the window or the page during the file copy process.

5. Once your database is selected, you will need to set the name, username, password and email address of the Cart Administrator. Some tips: usernames and passwords only allow letters and numbers - NO special characters.

6. After entering the information above, the installation will finish and you are presented with the screen below:

This screen gives you the path to the Administration area of your new shopping cart. Clicking it you can log in and begin administering your cart. Congratulations, and thanks for installing the Newtek Shopping Cart!

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