Applying templates to ZenCart

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This knowledge base article will walk you through the process of selecting and applying a new custom template to your base install of ZenCart. The process consists of two steps:

Step 1 will show you how to select and apply a template, while
Step 2 will show you how to activate the template for your installation.

Step 1: Selecting a Template

Login to the ZenCart Admin

2. Choose your new template.
•    Mouse over the "Tools" menu and click on Template Selection"

3. Click "Edit"

4. From the drop down, select the new template you want to use.

•   IMPORTANT: Once the new template has been selected and updated it will reset all of the layout boxes for ZenCart.  If you have not made any custom changes to the layout boxes of ZenCart it is safe to click the "Update" button. If you have made custom changes to the layout boxes these changes will be reversed if you apply a new template to your install.

•   Note: At this point the new template has been applied to your ZenCart install.  We still need to re-apply your Layout boxes.

Step 2: Updating Your Store with the New Template

After you have selected a new template you will need to reset or re-apply your Layout Boxes.

1. Again from the top menu scroll over "Tools" and click on "Layout Boxes Controller"

2. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and click the "reset" button.

Congratulations! You have now selected and applied a new template in ZenCart and are ready to start using it.

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