Email Address Setup for Eudora Pro 6.0 on Mac OS 9.2 and 10.1

In the instructions below, assume that is your site address or your web site address.

1. In the Menu Special, click on Settings.
2. Under Getting Started, use the following settings.

  • Username:

  • Mail Server:

  • Real Name: Your Name

  • SMTP Server:

  • Return Address:

3. If you are using SMTP Authentication, you will need to click on Sending Mail and select Allow authorization.

Relay Denied Error - Eudora Pro 6.0 PC/MAC
Most ISP providers are now blocking port 25 to send mail to your web sites email server. Most mail programs allow you to change the port, but Eudora Pro 6.0 for PC & Mac allow you to use a Relay Personality.

To do this, you will need to setup an account using your ISP's mail account, then after you have created your mail account for your web site, under the sending mail section, you will see SMTP Relay Personality, click the drop list to select your ISPs mail account. Eudora will use this account to connect to your ISPs mail server first, then it will connect to your domains mail server second.

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