Are COM, ActiveX, .Class objects or any other third party components supported?

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A "custom component" is any component that does not already come included with the operating system or that we have not already installed across our shared servers.

Please note that there is an additional monthly charge for each custom component that is installed to a shared web server. However, almost all payment gateway or merchant components are free of charge.

We can install a custom component if the following guidelines are met:

1. The component is from only well-recognized third-party vendors.

2. The component is a full version and is not a beta

3. The component is in .dll format, no .exe's please. Each .dll is considered an individual component and charged accordingly.

4. Proper licensing provided by the customer (if applicable).

5. No third party IIS components or ISAPI filters please.

If these guidelines are met, please send a ticket the Support Team (access the Control Center and click on Customer-Ticket Management) and include the following:

1. Your domain name and acknowledgement of the extra charge for a custom component.

2. URL of the manufacturer.

3. URL of the download or attach the download component.

4. Installation instructions.

5. A description of what the component does.

Each component is thoroughly tested on our development servers for security and stability before put into use. This process can take 24 to 48 hours.

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