Creating New Project in VS.NET

This Knowledge Base article is by no means the only way to perform the following operation. This is just meant as a guideline for new users to create their first project. This article does assume that you have some experience with the VS.NET user interface.
Create New Web Project

  • Open Visual Studio .NET

  • Select File -> New -> Project

  • A new window will appear. On the left side select the language you will be
    working with. On the right Select ASP.NET Web Application

  • In the same window highlight location. It should say Http://localhost/webapplication1, Change this to your website address, i.e. If do not want to put this project in the root of your website, name a directory to be created, i.e.

  • Click OK

  • A new window should appear titled “Web Access Failed”. Select Try to open the project with FrontPage Server Extensions.

  • Click OK

  • Next a window will appear asking you for a Username and Password. Please input your domains primary username and password.

Congratulations, you have just created your first web application project in VS.NET.To add new or existing files and folders read below.

Add existing folders and files from webserver
When you create a new project, any folders and files on the server are not listed, but are available. We just need to add them in. Follow the steps below to add them to your new project.

  • Select Project -> show all files

  • Now all the folders and files in the project directory on the web server are
    listed, but they are whited out. We will need to manually add them to the project.

  • Highlight all the folders and files that are whited out. Do this by selecting the top most one, hold the shift key, and select the bottom most one. All the files in between are now selected. Unselect any files that are already in the project by Holding the ctrl key and selecting the file or directory you want to exclude from this operation.

  • Now right click the highlighted files and select Include in project

  • All the folders and files you just selected you appear “normal”

To add Existing files

  • Right click the name of the folder the file is to go to, if it goes in the root of the website right click the project

  • Select Add -> Existing Item

  • A new window will appear, locate the existing file

  • Once the file is located, click OPEN

Add new folders and files to project
Now that we have a project we will need to add files and folders to it.

To add a New Folder

  • Right click the project Select Add -> New folder

  • Type the name of the new folder

  • Hit enter

To add a New File

  • If the file is to go in the root of the website right click the project, else
    right click the name of the folder where the file will go.

  • Select Add -> New Item

  • This brings up a new window. Select the type of file it will be

  • Click OPEN

you have now added new files, folders and existing files and folders to a new web application project in Visual Studio .NET

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