Script Example - PayFlow Pro and ASP overview

Isolated Sandbox to test your ecommerce solutions

The Payflow Pro 

Client provides enhanced commerce capabilities, and enables the following capabilities: Secure handling of sensitive information

* Real-time credit card authorization for transactions

* Automated funds settlement with your merchant bank

* Delayed Funds Settlement

Getting Started with Credit Cards

Here is a step-by-step list of what you will need to do to start accepting and obtaining authorizations for credit cards on your web site:

1. Obtain an Internet merchant account with a bank.

2. Register with Verisign Payment Services, providing the Internet merchant account information (merchant ID and terminal ID).

3. Configure and test your web site with the Payflow Pro Client payment service, enter your unique user, vendor, partner and password supplied by Verisign Payment Services. (Example Code Provided)

4. Begin processing transactions.

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