Configuring Your Office 365 Accounts after Purchase

You've purchased your brand new Office 365 product from Newtek.  The next question is, how do I set it up!? Here is a guide to configure the product.  
1)  Login to your account at
2)  Select Services > My Services
3)  Find your Microsoft Office 365 Plan under services and select View Details
4)  From here, you will have the screen below.  
  •             In the domain prefix field, you'll want to choose either the name of your business or your domain name without the .com.  For example if my domain is, I would choose office365test as my domain prefix.  What this does is creates a primary administrative username for your Office 365 account.  This account is the global administrator of all the Office 365 licenses.  That user will be  In our example, my primary administrative user would be
5)  Once you've typed out your domain prefix, select the yellow subscribe button
            *If a domain prefix with your extension already exists, you will receive an error indicating this and you'll need to choose another domain prefix.
6)  Once you get a success message, you will be emailed your Office 365 password to the email on file for your account.  Once you receive this email, you'll visit and type in the primary administrative user ( and the random password you were emailed.  

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