Adding an Email Address in SmarterMail

Adding an Email Address in SmarterMail

This KnowlegeBase Article will walk you through the steps to add a new user or email address in SmarterMail.  For this Knowledge Base Article we will assume that you have administrative access as that is required in order to setup new email addresses. You can also log into your email account as an admin user through the WebControlCenter.  For more information, please see our KB article on how to login as an email admin. If you are not an administrator please contact your account administrator or use our Contact Us Knowledge Base article so we can assist you.

SmarterMail Navigation

In order to add a new email address you will first need to log into your SmarterMail account.  There are several ways to do this however the easiest way is to type (where is your domain name) into your web browser.  Enter the administrative email address and the password associated with it and click "Login."

Once logged in navigate to Settings (looks like to gears) on the grey bar to the left.

In the settings menu navigate to Domain Settings > Users. If you do not see Domain settings please see your account administrator or feel free to Contact Us.

From the main screen click New in the upper left.

Fill out the required fields as seen in the screenshot below.
Also an explanation of what each field means can be found in the next section.

Field Descriptions

Username: This will become the first half of the email address once it has been saved

Password/Confirm Password: The password should be something that the user can easily remember but not something other can guess.  The password must also contain the following minimum requirements:
  • 8 characters long
  • 1 letter (a, B, c)
  • 1 numbers (1, 2, 3)
  • 1 special character (@, !, %, ^)
Display Name: This is the name the message will appear to have come from when a message is sent from the Web-mail interface.

Reply-To Email Address: Most likely this will be the same email address that you are setting up, however if you want the message to go to a different email address when some clicks reply to your message, please enter it here.

Time Zone: This field will ensure the time stamps for when you receive a message are in the correct time zone for your location.

Mailbox Size Limit: While your hosting account has an allocated amount of space you can also place individual limits on mailbox sizes. 
Please Note: we do not recommend that you enter 0 for unlimited space because that would allow you to have more mail in your mailboxes than is allocated to your hosting account which could lead to additional charges for going over that allocation. Instead we recommend assigning mailbox size limits that collectively, over your entire domain, equal the total allocated space that your hosting account comes with.  In the event that a mailbox does reach it's limit an email is sent to the user and the primary administrative email address.
Settings Check boxes:  These settings are optional settings to control things like providing administrative access to the new user or limiting their ability to change their own password.

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