Adding a SPF Record (TXT Record) to your cPanel DNS

To add a SPF record to your cPanel domain's DNS, you must first generate the record. The following resources may be used for assistance in generating an SPF records for your domain:
Your domain's SPF record should include any servers that may be used to send email for your domain. If you are using Newtek's SmarterMail servers to send the email for your domain, the following range of IP addresses must be added to your domain's SPF record:
If your domain sends email from your website, it is important to include the ip address for the web server that your site is hosted on. Example: If your site is hosted on the server, you would want to Ping that server name and then add the resulting ip address to your SPF record.
Once you have successfully generated an SPF record for your domain, the following steps can be used for assistance in adding the record to the DNS for your domain within the cPanel for your account (Note: your domain's name servers must be pointed to Newtek in order for changes to your cPanel DNS to take affect):
  1. Log into the cPanel for your domain.
  2. In the cpanel, Navigate to the Domains menu area.
  3. In the Domains menu area, select the icon for Advanced Zone Editor.
  4. In the Advanced Zone Editor, identify the area for Add a Record.
  5. Change the Type field to TXT
  6. Enter your domain name in the Name field.
  7. Set the TTL value to 14400
  8. Enter your newly generated SPF record into the Address field.
  9. Select the link for Add Record to save the changes
(Note: DNS changes can take between 20 minutes and 48 hours to fully propagate around the world.)

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