Importing a Manual CMS or Application Installation into Softaculous

For customers who have manually installed a CMS or Application to their Linux shared plan, the option exists for them to associate their manual installation with Softaculous. Customer’s may be interested in doing so in order to take advantage of the automated backup and upgrading features that Softaculous provides. Please note that you can only add scripts to Softaculous that it currently recognizes. If Softaculous does not support your particular CMS or Application, you will be unable to associate the installation with Softaculous.
For steps on how to associate a manual CMS or Application installation with Softaculous, please see the following:
  1. Login to the cPanel for the account.
  2. Click on the Softaculous button under the Software/Services category.
  3. At the top left under the word  Softaculous, enter the name of the script you wish to import. For example, if you want to import a manual Wordpress install, enter 'Wordpress' (without quotes) and press return.
  4. Once on the Overview page of the script in question, click the Import link at the top right of the sub-navigation.
  5. Using the dropdown box, choose the domain name that the script is installed under. Once you've chosen the domain, enter the name of the folder the script is installed under. As the example states, if the script is installed in the /dir/ folder of your website, simply enter 'dir' (without quotes). Then click the Import button.
  6. Your script should now be successfully imported to Softaculous. If it is not, please review the error message(s) and resolve as needed.

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