Installing an SSL Certificate on a cPanel Addon Domain

This article will provide instructions on how to add an SSL Certificate for an Addon Domain for customers hosting multiple domains under one Linux Shared Hosting Plan. For information on how to create Addon Domains, see: Hosting multiple domains in cPanel
Step 1: Generate A CSR for your Addon Domain
Step 2: Purchase or Re-Issue an existing SSL Certificate
Step 3: Installing the SSL Certificate
Step 4: Configuring the SSL Certificate in cPanel
  • After the SSL Certificate has been installed, return to SSL/TLS Manager and click the Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificate link located beneath Certificates (CRT)
  • Click the Install link beneath the Actions column for the domain whose SSL certificate you are installing.
  • Select the Domain from the Domain drop down menu.
  • Make sure all fields (Certificate: (CRT), Private Key: (KEY), Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE aka ) ) are filled out and have green check mark indicator next to their filed name .
    • TIP: You can click the Autofill by Certificate button located above the Certificate: (CRT) text box to auto populate the fields.
  • Click the Install Certificate button.
  • Once the SSL Certificate has installed, you'll see it listed in the Manage Installed SSL Websites table above.
Step 5: Verify your SSL Certificate through a web browser.
  • In a browser go type where is the domain that the SSL Certificate was created for. The lock symbol in the browser bar indicates that there is a secure connection. 
    • Note: The location of the lock symbol may vary from one web browser to another.
  • Clicking the lock symbol will display the identity and security information for your website.

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